2011 Art of Caring

After sketching out a t-shirt design for ShareHope's Walk of Remembrance and Hope (above), I decided to go ahead and take the sketch all the way to completion for this year's Art of Caring donation. The painting is based my piece Not Alone, a 9ft x 8ft painting is apart of the art collection at the Baptist Trinity Hospice House & Kemmons Wilson Family Center for Good Grief.

"Better Near to You" by Richard Fudge.
Donated to the Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation's
annual Art of Caring reception and silent art auction.
Recommended listening: "Near to You" by A Fine Frenzy

This is my 5th year to participate. It was a real honor to participate and donate my work to such a great cause. It's also fun to see a bidding war erupt over your work. It's a wonderful compliment. It was almost as enjoyable as hearing compliment after compliment paid to my girlfriend and the lovely dress she was wearing. The two combined to make a really memorable evening.


Alberto Cabrera: August guest artist at The Stirring

Alberto Cabrera has been volunteering to paint at the Stirring for many years. Maybe longer than I have. He's also painted at other churches. He's definitely one of our favorites and we hope that you'll plan to attend this month to see the piece he's creating.
Alberto painting live at The Stirring. Photo credit: unknown from The Stirring's facebook page.