re:Creation schedule

Friday Night


Friday night: Pre-event Showcase with Emmanuel School from Nottingham England.


The Rehabilitation of Myths 7-7:45

Ben Cumming

Film and Faith 8-9:30

Dan Baker

Saturday Morning

Re:Engage- Art & Mission

Saturday morning: 8:30-9:45(coffee & pastries)

Piercing the Darkness (Evangelism & The Arts) 10-10:45

David pierce

Creating space 11-11:45

Jack Fox

Break for Lunch- 12-1:30

Music & Mission 1:45-2pm

Roger Lowther

Transcendence in music 2:15-3pm

John Hodges

Break out sessions: 3-3:45pm

Movement (3rd floor in Momentum Dance Studio)

Robin Sanders & Keartra Knox

Poetry (2nd floor in gallery 210’)

Jim Allman

Painting (3rd floor in SCAC studio)

Richard Fudge

Blogging (1st floor in the Abbey)

Brent Diggs aka Dr. Toboggans


Art’s and Evangelism part 2 4-4:45pm

David Pierce

Radical, Revolutionary & Sane 5-5:45pm

Jodi Pierce


Refill me

Rise and Fall by Daniel Eatock

I was at a design conference last weekend. One of the presenters (who by the way seemed to have nothing relevant to say about design) was talking about some of his art projects.

One project was a pair of balloons (due to my recent paintings i perked up) One balloon was full of helium it was touching the ceiling. at the other end of the string was another balloon filled with breath. it was touching the floor. it was so cool looking in a way. course i saw it differently than the artist meant it. Think about it. The balloons are the same. Only the inside is different. One is pure, it can fly into the heavens. The other is made of spent and mixed air. Impure. It can float a bit, but ultimately will come to rest on the ground.

There is no way i can breathe helium into balloon. My works would not be enough.

We need to be refilled with better air.


re:Creation - discussions on art, faith, and response

Lifelink Church presents

re:Creation - discussions on art, faith and response

a FREE two day event

Friday, Oct. 16 • 6:15p to 9:30p
Saturday, Oct. 17 • 8:30a to 5:45p

I'm even leading a breakout session on Sat. at 3pm about art, painting, and worship. I've attached the flyer about it that lists all the things going on. You should really come to this if you're interested in art, faith, and culture. I'm very excited about it. Please forward on to anyone you think would be interested. I'll post more information soon.

A Christmas Card by Fudge for a good cause

Are you looking for the perfect holiday card this season? Do you like art by Richard Fudge? Do you like to donate to good causes? Have I got the card for you then! This is how the color should look. (The image on their website has off colors.) Anyway, i think it's very exciting.


Our Greeting Card season has started. If you go to http://www.phoenixclub.org/
you can click to order cards (including yours). Please feel free to send this link out to all. Remember, about 60% of every purchase goes directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis and is therefore tax-deductable (.60 for every $1).

When you click on your card to order, you will see some options available. It will also have your bio listed below your artwork (and on the back of the cards). Please remember to put my name in the box title "Phoenix Member".

Again, feel free to share this opportunity with as many people as possible. Thank you again for using your talents to help us raise money for the Boys and Girls Club!

Ken Peavy


Video of a live worship painting at The Stirring

This was Arian's first time to paint live on stage. She did a great job and even finished the 24"x30" painting in the 1.5 hour allotted time.

More pics from the opening

more of Arian's prints.

works by Cara, Erin, and other Stirring artists.

works by Gail and Kathy