A Christmas Card by Fudge for a good cause

Are you looking for the perfect holiday card this season? Do you like art by Richard Fudge? Do you like to donate to good causes? Have I got the card for you then! This is how the color should look. (The image on their website has off colors.) Anyway, i think it's very exciting.


Our Greeting Card season has started. If you go to http://www.phoenixclub.org/
you can click to order cards (including yours). Please feel free to send this link out to all. Remember, about 60% of every purchase goes directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis and is therefore tax-deductable (.60 for every $1).

When you click on your card to order, you will see some options available. It will also have your bio listed below your artwork (and on the back of the cards). Please remember to put my name in the box title "Phoenix Member".

Again, feel free to share this opportunity with as many people as possible. Thank you again for using your talents to help us raise money for the Boys and Girls Club!

Ken Peavy

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