New Series: Fight to Stay Awake

You fight to stay awake, your dreams will likely drive you mad. But only cause you're living like one shot was all you had. - 12"x12" mixed media

And that makes a nice little set of three. I've given titles to all of the pieces but I've yet to think of a title for the series. I've started a large 3ft by 4ft canvas in this style. It's definitely more challenging than these small ones. I've used up all of the sowing pattern tissue i had. So if you have some sowing patterns that are just collecting dust... hint, hint... you could donate them to an art project. At any rate, I foresee a humorous trip to the craft store in my near future. I expect at some point to receive a "What the heck are you doing buying those sowing patterns?" look.

Recommended listening: "You'll Get Through It" by Ellery;  "Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise" by the Avett Brothers


Daily Doodle #34

I make Love stay out on the porch. It's not allowed inside anymore.
Not after the mess it made.  

I've taken a break from the the daily doodles to create some new work, but yesterday this idea of making love stay out on the porch like a bad dog came to me. It made me laugh. I just had to try to capture the notion before it faded. It'll probably make it into one of the new paintings.  

Recommended listening: "Citidel" by Anna Nalick; "Paronia in B Major" by The Avett Brothers


Photo of Anne Jackson, Susan Issacs, and I hanging out

Okay so I'm just there in spirit.  How stinking cool is this picture!  Susan put it best in her tweet: "Richard Fudge on the wall, Anne Jackson in the room, Richard Fudge in Anne Jackson's book. Wack!"  And that's all happening IN Susan Issacs' house.  That just gives me the biggest smile. I may have squealed like teenage girl when i first saw this photo, but it was first thing this morning. I blame the lack of coffee on the high pitch.


New series

I no longer have nightmares, but the lack of dreams is equally disturbing. Where is my joy?

It’s a practiced smile that’s on my face. In an effort to numb the pain, I numbed my joy.
Unexpected side effects. Get better soon.

I've yet to come up with some witty or profound name for this series. So that new collage series will have to do for now.  Last evening I started another 12"x12" panel and read a chapter of The Ragamuffin Gospel. I hope to have a good set of these finished in time for the Stirring's anniversary service in Sept.

Recommended listening: "Novacaine" by Amber Rubarth; "If Not for Love" by Kris Delmhorst


OMG! I'm published....

About a year ago, I was working on my To Send a Prayer series when I emailed author Ann Jackson one of my doodles for a book she was working on: Permission to Speak Freely: Essays and Art on Fear, Confession, and Grace. I didn't have any expectations. I liked her blog and her question "What is one thing you feel you can’t say in church?" really connected with me. I never really heard if she was going to use it for certain or even when the book might get published.

A spread from her book.  My drawing is on the right. 

So today I'm checking the blogs and twitter accounts that i follow when I see that Susan Issacs (another author who loves my work) has tweeted about the book release. So much has happened in my life in the last 12 months that I'd totally forgotten about Ann's book. I'm thinking to myself, "I wonder if my doodle made the book? Wouldn't that be cool." I do a little searching around Ann's website and had pretty much decided that I probably hadn't made the cut or I'd have to order a book to find out for sure when I stubble across the above image. I couldn't sit still for 15 minutes. I'm emailing friends in ALL CAPS, i post a link on facebook, and just about run up and down the halls at the office screaming "I'M IN THE BOOK." Soon I'll be able to walk into a bookstore, pick a book off the shelve, open it to this page, and state "Isn't that cool. I'm published." In all honesty, this probably isn't that big a deal, but to me... today... it's HUGE. 

2010. Best. Year. For. My. Art. So. Far. 


New work in the works

Although I've taken a break from the daily doodle entries, that doesn't mean I've stopped making any art. In fact, I started 2 new pieces this weekend based on recent journal doodles. Above is a 12"x12" painting that I started this weekend. It's not yet finished, but it's far enough along to share with you. I've got a second one that's about half way complete. I'm hoping to have them both complete in time for my art opening/open house event this Saturday. I'm not sure of the titles yet or if this is the start of a new series, but I'm enjoying doing something different from my other work.

I'm not sure where I got the quote from, but it really hit home. These unintended consequences. In an effort to stop having nightmares, you stop having any dreams. Or in an effort numb the pain heartbreak, you numb your heart so entirely that you stop feeling joy or love.

Recommended listening: "Novacaine" by Amber Rubarth