Art Opening at The Chair Den

Just wanted to share with you some exciting news. My art is being featured in a new local store in Cordova. I think it's great that a locally owned store is so supportive of local artists. If you're a local artist looking for a place to display your work, you should definitely contact Michael Harvey. He's planning to make these art openings a regular event at The Chair Den.

Grand Opening and Art Show
Thursday, May 3 • 5-8 pm
The Chair Den by Babytime
7760 Trinity Rd., Cordova, TN

Featured local artists include:
Kristi Hall, Richard Fudge, Darlene Newman, Joyce Petrina,
Terence Washington Sr., and Gail Wilkins 

Come check out the new space and enjoy refreshments and local art.


Downtown Presbyterian - Show Pics

For those of you who couldn't make it out to the opening, here are a couple of images from my Love: Lost & Found show.  I have to give a special thanks to all of you who came out and made the opening reception so amazing. The attendance was great. It was packed for most of the show. So crowded in fact, that I couldn't make it around to say hello to everyone (a belated "hello and thanks for coming" to those I missed). I thought it was rather amazing for a South Main Art Walk especially one in February. 

The show was very successful not only in terms of attendance. The opening was listed on ilovememphisblog.com calendar and the Memphis Flyer listed it in the We Recommend section with a picture. A special thanks goes to my incredibly supportive girlfriend Katie who was probably responsible for more than half the people that attended and bought my art.

There were some other little things that I've always wanted to do at a show that I finally made happen this time. For example, I dropped a special playlist of songs onto my iPod and played it during the show - here's a Spotify playlist if you're interested Love - lost, broken, found .  I listen to the same playlist when I'm working in my studio and I've always wanted to share it during a show. Also, I finally got my act together and had 5x7 prints, greeting cards, and 8x10 originals all for sale at the show. It was really beneficial to have some 'impulse buy' art options. At one point, I had a line of people waiting in line to buy them. It was really unexpected. This was probably one of my best art shows to date. 

Suggestions for artists interested in showing at Downtown Church (they recently changed their name from Downtown Presbyterian Church).

• Book It Now. Trolly Night openings book fast. I think I had to ask about six months in advance. So get in touch Gretchen Becker Shaw at Downtown Church and get it on the calendar ASAP.

• Lighting is a bit of an issue. You should attend an art walk night and see for yourself. The artist who showed before me chose to bring his own extra lighting. I worked around it by just displaying work on the best lit walls.

• You will need power tools. The first wall on the right as you enter the space is concrete. You will need a drill and special screws to get new wholes in that wall. Thankfully the rest of the gallery space is drywall.