South Main Art Opening at Energy Fitness

Well, here I am down on Main Street. My first South Main art opening.
The three panel painting was pictured in the Memphis Flyer in the July 24-30 issue. That was a huge help. I've had other pictures in the Flyer for other shows, but more people commented about this one. Do I have a secret art admirer working at the Flyer? Or do I have superior self promotion skills? I'd like to think someone there likes me. I love you Memphis Flyer!! ... So yeah, 2 paintings -- Diverge (top) and Reaching (bottom) so far for Erin's Grove. Hey, it's a start. And when you count panels, that's 5 pieces. That's a lot of work. I'll have more for my Republic Coffee show.

The rest of the show (actually there's 2 more on the left). Nice blue one there on the bottom right. Like it?

There's that blue one again. So interested? Too bad. I sold that one at the opening. Hurray! More art supply money.


Not Your Typical Yard Work - Erin's Grove

Local Memphis artist Richard Fudge has an enormous backyard. It's nearly one acre but located in your average neighborhood. "Most days I feel blessed. Other days I have to mow all that," says Richard. A prominent feature is the grove of seven large pine trees. As the trees have matured, branches have reached and twisted for light. Finding the lines and forms of the pines to be elegant, Richard began painting a new series called Erin's Grove. So this summer when he's not out there behind a mower, he's been behind an easel. "This is the kind of yard work I could do every day."

July 25 through August 29.

552 South Main, Memphis, TN 38103
The gallery is open 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on the last Friday of every month during the South Main Art Trolley Tour.


Erin's Grove - untitled #2

This is the second painting from my new series called Erin's Grove. These paintings are bright abstracts inspired by trees and branches in my backyard.

This is how the painting would hang with the darker brown at the bottom. I was lazy and didn't get out a second easel. I wouldn't call this complete. It still needs some work but it's at least three quarters of the way there. But you can see where its going. It's made up of 2 canvases -- a 20"w by 16" h and a 18" w x 24" h. It's also intended to be hung with a small gap between the canvases but again i was lazy this morning.