South Main Art Opening at Energy Fitness

Well, here I am down on Main Street. My first South Main art opening.
The three panel painting was pictured in the Memphis Flyer in the July 24-30 issue. That was a huge help. I've had other pictures in the Flyer for other shows, but more people commented about this one. Do I have a secret art admirer working at the Flyer? Or do I have superior self promotion skills? I'd like to think someone there likes me. I love you Memphis Flyer!! ... So yeah, 2 paintings -- Diverge (top) and Reaching (bottom) so far for Erin's Grove. Hey, it's a start. And when you count panels, that's 5 pieces. That's a lot of work. I'll have more for my Republic Coffee show.

The rest of the show (actually there's 2 more on the left). Nice blue one there on the bottom right. Like it?

There's that blue one again. So interested? Too bad. I sold that one at the opening. Hurray! More art supply money.

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