Prayer Journal Project

Inspired by one of those "hey, we should do this" remarks by a friend, I went out and bought a journal. I agreed that it looked like a lot of fun and would be inspiring to collaborate with other artists. Especially those artists that we might have met and spoken to online but never in person. It just sounded fun.

We settled on the following a few rules for structure.

1. 5 days to complete a spread. So if you receive it on Weds., you have to mail it the following Mon.
2. A visual expression of a prayer or scripture.
3. Medium: pen, ink, graphite, colored pencil.
4. Keep it moving. Finished or not you need to mail in 5 days.

I think it will be a great way to build community. Christian visual artists tend to have a harder time finding a supportive community for their work. I have been keeping a blog about the project as a way to share pictures of the work, document the routes traveled, and share the stories. What started in June 2009 as just one journal and 3 artists has grown to 4 journal and over 30 participating artists. Please check it out and get involved. 

I'm also going to start opening up the journals to other artists beyond just visual ones. So if you're a poet, writer, songwriter, etc., you can also get involved. I'm starting to brainstorm a collaborative, interactive, multimedia exhibit that will include the journals and open in October 2010 at LifeLink Memphis.

Help a brother out, and create some art for the journals. You can sign up to receive the actual journals or you can send me your work to be pasted into the journal. If you are going to mail me something, please contact me at for my address. Work needs to be original and new - meaning unpublished or not previously exhibited. Got it?

Size: 10.25" wide x 5" height and remember is has to be able to fold down the middle. Thanks!

Here's a video of the journal project with audio of a Q&A from The Stirring Oct 11th. Senior pastor Eli Morris talks with Richard Fudge about the To Send a Prayer journal project.

You will probably need to up the volume. Eli is wearing a mic and I'm just holding one. So I sound a lot softer.