The Art of Getting Lost

"Blue Highways" mixed media by Richard Fudge 8"x8"

Artist Statement:
I am currently developing a new series. "The Art of Getting Lost" was inspired by the writings of Rebecca Solnit and William Least Heat-Moon. In this series, I am exploring the themes about being lost, getting lost, losing yourself, losing a loved one, finding yourself, and finding hope. So often we are afraid of "getting lost." We avoid this by never stepping out of our comfort zone and having an adventure. But it's through our journey of exploration, trials, and even suffering that we are transformed. I want these paintings to be a guide for the viewer. I want the viewer to get lost in the painting as they find connections and explore the layers of meaning. For the painting to be a sign post, encouraging the viewer who is going through hell to keep going. You will make it out the other side.

I am using collage materials such as dress patterns, road maps, and medical illustrations. By placing these together the view can see similarities between the network of roads on a map and arteries in the body. I am working on some larger pieces that include my character Chester and other pieces will include hand lettering. 

Art Opening - To be determined - Venue needed:
Since I am still working on the paintings, I do not have a gallery space lined up. My goal is to have the series completed by February 2016. If you think this would be a good fit for your gallery or coffee shop etc., please contact me. 

Follow the progress:
I actively post pictures of the process on my instagram page.
You can also check out my pinterest board the artwork styles and quotes that are influencing my work.

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