Just about ready for Art Roadtrip 2010

You may recall that I'm planning a roadtrip this summer. There were a few big ticket items that I felt I needed to make the trip better. A digital camera is a must for documenting the experience and gathering inspiration. I mean what roadtrip is complete without a slideshow when you get back? A backpacking tent and sleeping bag would be great to have as a cheap alternative to staying in a hotel. Also, the state and national parks in the area that I've driving through are incredibly beautiful. 

Well, through saving up and a couple art sales, I've purchased my new tent and digital camera. The tent was the most expensive purchase and the hardest to select. How big do I need it to be? I plan to use it later on camping and backpacking trips. So how lightweight does it need to be? What features do I need? Etc. Thankfully, I have my brother Robert to guide me through the selection process. Not only did he use to work at Outdoors Inc. (a local backpacking store), he also spends probably more nights under a tent each year than under a roof. This past fall and spring, he's been working 8 days on and 6 days off as a trail crew foreman with the national forestry service and has worked the past few summers at Philmont scout ranch as a trail crew forman. All this to say, he knows what gear to get and what to avoid. 

So here is the tent I ordered:

REI Half Dome 2 Plus

I can't wait! I'm going to take this tent for a test run camp out in a couple of weeks. I haven't gone on a camping trip in... wow I think it's been 2 years. That's ridiculous! It's a 2 person tent but it's one of the roomier backpacking ones I could find. With 2 vestibules, there's ample space to store gear. I'll likely be using it more on my own than with a second person anyway.

Now if I could just find a good car. 

So I'm at this gallery and the manager hangs me a big wad of cash.

So I'm at a gallery and the manager hangs me a wad of cash and the keys to his car. Sounds really strange doesn't it. If you knew that I was at the 409 Gallery where Chris Reed is the manager, this isn't as surprising. 

So last Friday is the South Main Art Trolley Tour when all of the galleries down there have art openings, I'm down there with Elizabeth just enjoying the evening and nice weather. So we stop in the 409 Gallery where Chris Reed is the gallery manager. If you recall, last month I had 6 paintings showing there. So I'm checking out the new art, haven't even seen the whole layout yet, and I'm even in the middle of a conversation with one of the artists when Chris interrupts: 

"Fudge, here is some money. Do you know where the Corkscrew wine market is? Would you drive over there right away and buy some more wine? Here are the keys to my car. It's out front. Like at 6 magnum bottles. It doesnt matter. Just be quick. And here is my wallet too and credit card in case you need it." 

If you don't know Chris, he's a very intense guy. So you need to imagine that all being said in a take charge, rushed and urgent tone - like we need bandages for this man STAT. I'm standing there a little shocked and thinking odd request but  a.) this is Chris and b.) we're good friends and i probably owe him a favor anyway since he included me in the last show. 

The artist that's next to me has look of OMG Chris are you insane. Chris turns to her and says something like "It's okay. I know Richard well and trust him." But it did look like Chris just asked some random gallery patron to make a beer run. Elizabeth has a WTF look on her face. And Chris turns to her and gives a shurg, "One of the dangers of hanging out with an artist." I'm still standing there thinking - are you serious, Chris? 

Then Chris literally hands me a wad of cash that is about the size of a softball or grapefruit. It's all crumpled ones from the tip jar. And he's shooing us out the door. Elizabeth and I get in his car and head over to the wine market. She's smoothing out and counting all the money and I'm praying to God that nothing happens to the car. Driving other people's cars always makes me a bit nervous. You dont know how they handle and got forbid you get into an accident or something. I select the cheapest magnum bottles and go check out. It feels sorta awkward buying 6 bottles of cheap wine with a ton of one dollar bills. So i tell the guy at the checkout counter that the gallery ran out of wine. 

So back to the gallery but someone has taken my parking place. I pull up in front of the gallery and one of the artists in the show is waiting to take the wine from me. It's a drive by wine drop. After returning Chris his keys, wallet, and the change, I head out before they put me to work again. Who knew that an art opening could be so adventurous. 


Downtown Presbyterian - Memphis, TN

Downtown Presbyterian Church is currently located at 525 South Main St. I believe they are in the process of moving to another space in that area. I think this is very unfortunate considering that they are so visible in their current space and can take part in the monthly art openings. That is how I found out about them. I think it is a great way for them to participate in that area, be a part of the community, and build awareness of their church. They are already using the space to display artwork. The current space was a retail store front. It makes for a unique (although small)  space. I think it'll be a shame if they have to move. 

Memphis is such a small town. The pastor Richard Rieves is related to Loyd and Deeann Rieves. Deeann has had 2 art shows at my church. Andreana Brown is also on staff there and I know her from when she worked at Hope where I go to church. I havent been to one of Downtown Pres.'s services but I want to check it out some time soon. 

Above are photos from Haiti that are on display currently with other art work. How cute is the top photo of the little kid. 


My car is depressed and going suicidal

Maybe the letter to my car was too soon and too harsh. Yesterday, i noticed that it was overheating. When i stopped to see what was the matter, i discovered a hose going from the coolant reserve tank to the radiator had disconnected. Thankfully, there was an Autozone nearby and i was able to top everything off and secure the hose with a clamp.

Today, i left the headlights on when i got to work. this is common for me since the car doesnt beep to let you know that you've left the lights on. So at lunch, the  battery was low and needed a jump. I asked a guy who was getting in his car to lend me a hand. I had jumper cables. So he pulls up, pops the hood, and takes the cables to attach to his battery (like he knows what he's doing). I attach the other clamps to mine and go to start the car. NOTHING happens. this is odd because 2 seconds ago it would at least try to start. I get out of my car and ask, "did you put your cables on the right way?" Dude's replay, "whoops, they're backwards." Whoops!!! You just fried my car dude. Thanks. Hopefully, its just some blown fuses. If its the fuses, a new battery, and God knows what else.... Goodbye Stanley - my 93 honda civic hatchback.

What really gets me is if i were still married, my wife and i could share her car for a short spell while this gets sorted and i find a new vehicle.

a really grumpy fellow.

Connecting the Layers: Art Workshop with Deeann Rieves

Saturday, April 3rd

Learn collage, layering, and mixed media techniques including beeswax and assemblage if your feeling adventurous with us! :) We will make finished mixed media pieces focusing on making connections between the layers visually and conceptually.

Doors open at 12:30p, class is from 1p-4p, clean-up and goodbyes 4:30p
If weather permits, location will be outside in backyard.

costs: $35

must bring your own canvas - size is up to you. recommend 16x20 or larger ...other supplies provided.

Richard Fudge's House
4471 Dunn Ave, Memphis, TN 38117

Please RSVP to the event through Facebook or email me at richard.fudge@gmail.com

Here's a link to Deeann's blog where she talks about a previous workshop.


Time for a new Fudgemobile

Dear Stanley - my '93 Honda Civic Hatchback,

We've had a good run and some good times. You've been a pretty reliable friend. But you're getting up there in your years and mileage (about 175,000). And we had that little accident back in September that left you with a smashed nose. I just can't afford to take care of you anymore. You were great as a second car, but now that you're my only vehicle... I need a newer model. One that has A/C that works and can hold larger canvases, and hopefully is a manual transmission. I'm sorry. I've changed and you just don't meet my needs anymore. ( It's not you. It's me. I love you but I'm not in love with you. etc. you know the drill. )


Contenders for new artmobiles:

Subaru Outback
Honda Accord wagon
Toyota Matrix
Scion xB

The goal (beyond having a car with working A/C) is to be able to transport LARGE canvases, to have an ideal roadtrip vehicle, and to have a car with less than 175000 miles that is threatening to die if i dont spend tons money on it. You're so needy, Stanley.

Fudge around town

A friend pointed out to me that I've got art hanging all around town but I haven't even made mention of it to hardly anyone. It's not a big deal to me since none of the work is new. But I guess that it is noteworthy that I'm hanging at 3 different locations right now.

Samuel's Furniture and Interiors  
The location in East Memphis at 5508 Poplar Avenue has 4 pieces of my work on display.

Starbucks @ Germantown Pkwy. & Trinity Rd
My favorite Starbucks in town has 4 pieces of my work on display. Why is it my favorite? It's not because they display my work, but because I have a bunch of friends who work there so I usually get a hug with my coffee.

and of course, The Stirring Art Gallery at Hope Church
I've got quite a few back in the gallery along with many other Stirring artists' works. It's going to be a nice collection and you should come check it out and our Maundy Thursday service. Speaking of which, 8 other artists and myself created paintings for this service. But that's all I can tell you about that. 

True Colors - Maundy Thursday service at The Stirring
Thursday, April 1 - 6pm and 8pm
How do you appear to people?
Do you appear put together on the outside, but it’s secretly all you can do to get out of bed in the morning? Why do we try to paint ourselves as something different than what we truly are?

Join us at The Stirring for our special Maundy Thursday service and discover the power to reveal the true you. Worship led by the The Stirring Band and a message by Eli Morris.Communion will be served in The Stirring’s unique style.


Anti-Valentines Day Art

I know that Valentines Day has come and gone. But I wanted to share with you some of the drawings and doodles I made around that time. I noticed my doodles had taken on a theme. So for those of us who'd rather say  "F you" than "Be Mine"  enjoy my art therapy / anger management. ;)


Brooks has a call to artists - Memphis Scene

I just saw this on the Brook's Museum web site:

Announcing the first-ever exhibition completely controlled by you! For the first time in the history of the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, we are calling on the community to submit artworks for "The Memphis Scene", and then to vote on which ones make the cut! Submit anything! It can be a painting, a drawing, a graphic design poster, a sculpture, a photograph, or a mixed media piece. We want to see how creative you can be!

Capture the essence of Memphis in its two greatest forms: Music and the Visual Arts!  

We are looking for any artwork which takes, “Music in the city of Memphis” as its theme, and we aren’t just talking about Elvis.  Memphis has one of the most diverse musical and artistic scenes in the country, and we want to show it from all sides.  From Memphis mariachi, to Three 6 Mafia, to your own jam sessions, we want to show how our city’s art and music come together as "The Memphis Scene".

You can read the entire Call to Artists here: http://www.brooksmuseum.com/memphisscene


Continuum Arts – Memphis, TN

I amazed sometimes at the number of artist groups in Memphis. Especially the number of groups popping up that are made up of artists of faith, believers, Christ followers, or how ever you what to say that these are artists who go to church but dont make churchy art. Anyway, here's a little about them and info on an upcoming event of their's. Hope to see you there.

About Continuum
(from their web site)

The Continuum is a local community of Christian artists seeking growth through camaraderie with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the creative expression of the Imago Dei, the ability to find pleasure in the transcendent, and a desire to influence culture with culture through acts of creative excellence.


An email from Jim Allman, Director, about an upcoming Continuum event:

Already, I've received a phone call from a friend regarding the article, Beauty and Desecration, who asked, "Do you really believe all this?" Because of that phone call, I have great confidence that the article will provide a foundation for a good and lively discussion. I'm excited to hear what the rest of you think, and I believe there will be much fruit as a result. I strongly believe that the place of Beauty, the role of art and the spiritual functioning of the artist have been under appreciated not just within western contemporary culture, but within the western contemporary Church, as well (may be even more so). I am convicted as an artist of faith to engage in a responsible pursuit of these; I do not anticipate or require myself to dogmatically answer all the questions, but I do believe I am required to honestly struggle with definitions and directions not so that I am more knowledgeable, but because I cannot get away from calling and the ever present wish to more adequately fulfill it.

Please, join us on the 19th of March 2010 at LifeLink Church's gallery, Gallery 210 (second floor) to contribute to the conversation and shaping of my understanding. We will meet at 7:00 PM and will likely have an advance, private showing of the gallery's newest exhibit, Amanda Hamilton's White Lake, before engaging in our discussion on Beauty and Desecration:

The article “Beauty and Desecration” speaks to the value of the beautiful to the human experience and how modern art has attempted to subvert its impact. Buy it or no, it is an important topic to debate, and certainly a subject that is highly polarizing. We will gather to discuss the issues as framed in this article by the philosopher and author, Roger Scruton. Hopefully, we will begin to unpack the word Beauty in the process and consider art’s greater role to human knowledge and development beyond mere expression and play.

Jim Allman, Director
(901) 848-9938