My car is depressed and going suicidal

Maybe the letter to my car was too soon and too harsh. Yesterday, i noticed that it was overheating. When i stopped to see what was the matter, i discovered a hose going from the coolant reserve tank to the radiator had disconnected. Thankfully, there was an Autozone nearby and i was able to top everything off and secure the hose with a clamp.

Today, i left the headlights on when i got to work. this is common for me since the car doesnt beep to let you know that you've left the lights on. So at lunch, the  battery was low and needed a jump. I asked a guy who was getting in his car to lend me a hand. I had jumper cables. So he pulls up, pops the hood, and takes the cables to attach to his battery (like he knows what he's doing). I attach the other clamps to mine and go to start the car. NOTHING happens. this is odd because 2 seconds ago it would at least try to start. I get out of my car and ask, "did you put your cables on the right way?" Dude's replay, "whoops, they're backwards." Whoops!!! You just fried my car dude. Thanks. Hopefully, its just some blown fuses. If its the fuses, a new battery, and God knows what else.... Goodbye Stanley - my 93 honda civic hatchback.

What really gets me is if i were still married, my wife and i could share her car for a short spell while this gets sorted and i find a new vehicle.

a really grumpy fellow.

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robyn blaikie collins said...

as long as its just your car!