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I amazed sometimes at the number of artist groups in Memphis. Especially the number of groups popping up that are made up of artists of faith, believers, Christ followers, or how ever you what to say that these are artists who go to church but dont make churchy art. Anyway, here's a little about them and info on an upcoming event of their's. Hope to see you there.

About Continuum
(from their web site)

The Continuum is a local community of Christian artists seeking growth through camaraderie with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the creative expression of the Imago Dei, the ability to find pleasure in the transcendent, and a desire to influence culture with culture through acts of creative excellence.


An email from Jim Allman, Director, about an upcoming Continuum event:

Already, I've received a phone call from a friend regarding the article, Beauty and Desecration, who asked, "Do you really believe all this?" Because of that phone call, I have great confidence that the article will provide a foundation for a good and lively discussion. I'm excited to hear what the rest of you think, and I believe there will be much fruit as a result. I strongly believe that the place of Beauty, the role of art and the spiritual functioning of the artist have been under appreciated not just within western contemporary culture, but within the western contemporary Church, as well (may be even more so). I am convicted as an artist of faith to engage in a responsible pursuit of these; I do not anticipate or require myself to dogmatically answer all the questions, but I do believe I am required to honestly struggle with definitions and directions not so that I am more knowledgeable, but because I cannot get away from calling and the ever present wish to more adequately fulfill it.

Please, join us on the 19th of March 2010 at LifeLink Church's gallery, Gallery 210 (second floor) to contribute to the conversation and shaping of my understanding. We will meet at 7:00 PM and will likely have an advance, private showing of the gallery's newest exhibit, Amanda Hamilton's White Lake, before engaging in our discussion on Beauty and Desecration:

The article “Beauty and Desecration” speaks to the value of the beautiful to the human experience and how modern art has attempted to subvert its impact. Buy it or no, it is an important topic to debate, and certainly a subject that is highly polarizing. We will gather to discuss the issues as framed in this article by the philosopher and author, Roger Scruton. Hopefully, we will begin to unpack the word Beauty in the process and consider art’s greater role to human knowledge and development beyond mere expression and play.

Jim Allman, Director
(901) 848-9938

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