Downtown Presbyterian - Memphis, TN

Downtown Presbyterian Church is currently located at 525 South Main St. I believe they are in the process of moving to another space in that area. I think this is very unfortunate considering that they are so visible in their current space and can take part in the monthly art openings. That is how I found out about them. I think it is a great way for them to participate in that area, be a part of the community, and build awareness of their church. They are already using the space to display artwork. The current space was a retail store front. It makes for a unique (although small)  space. I think it'll be a shame if they have to move. 

Memphis is such a small town. The pastor Richard Rieves is related to Loyd and Deeann Rieves. Deeann has had 2 art shows at my church. Andreana Brown is also on staff there and I know her from when she worked at Hope where I go to church. I havent been to one of Downtown Pres.'s services but I want to check it out some time soon. 

Above are photos from Haiti that are on display currently with other art work. How cute is the top photo of the little kid. 

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