Just about ready for Art Roadtrip 2010

You may recall that I'm planning a roadtrip this summer. There were a few big ticket items that I felt I needed to make the trip better. A digital camera is a must for documenting the experience and gathering inspiration. I mean what roadtrip is complete without a slideshow when you get back? A backpacking tent and sleeping bag would be great to have as a cheap alternative to staying in a hotel. Also, the state and national parks in the area that I've driving through are incredibly beautiful. 

Well, through saving up and a couple art sales, I've purchased my new tent and digital camera. The tent was the most expensive purchase and the hardest to select. How big do I need it to be? I plan to use it later on camping and backpacking trips. So how lightweight does it need to be? What features do I need? Etc. Thankfully, I have my brother Robert to guide me through the selection process. Not only did he use to work at Outdoors Inc. (a local backpacking store), he also spends probably more nights under a tent each year than under a roof. This past fall and spring, he's been working 8 days on and 6 days off as a trail crew foreman with the national forestry service and has worked the past few summers at Philmont scout ranch as a trail crew forman. All this to say, he knows what gear to get and what to avoid. 

So here is the tent I ordered:

REI Half Dome 2 Plus

I can't wait! I'm going to take this tent for a test run camp out in a couple of weeks. I haven't gone on a camping trip in... wow I think it's been 2 years. That's ridiculous! It's a 2 person tent but it's one of the roomier backpacking ones I could find. With 2 vestibules, there's ample space to store gear. I'll likely be using it more on my own than with a second person anyway.

Now if I could just find a good car. 

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