Time for a new Fudgemobile

Dear Stanley - my '93 Honda Civic Hatchback,

We've had a good run and some good times. You've been a pretty reliable friend. But you're getting up there in your years and mileage (about 175,000). And we had that little accident back in September that left you with a smashed nose. I just can't afford to take care of you anymore. You were great as a second car, but now that you're my only vehicle... I need a newer model. One that has A/C that works and can hold larger canvases, and hopefully is a manual transmission. I'm sorry. I've changed and you just don't meet my needs anymore. ( It's not you. It's me. I love you but I'm not in love with you. etc. you know the drill. )


Contenders for new artmobiles:

Subaru Outback
Honda Accord wagon
Toyota Matrix
Scion xB

The goal (beyond having a car with working A/C) is to be able to transport LARGE canvases, to have an ideal roadtrip vehicle, and to have a car with less than 175000 miles that is threatening to die if i dont spend tons money on it. You're so needy, Stanley.

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robyn blaikie collins said...

way to let him down easy. you do know that whole "its not you its me" thing doesnt work.