So I'm at this gallery and the manager hangs me a big wad of cash.

So I'm at a gallery and the manager hangs me a wad of cash and the keys to his car. Sounds really strange doesn't it. If you knew that I was at the 409 Gallery where Chris Reed is the manager, this isn't as surprising. 

So last Friday is the South Main Art Trolley Tour when all of the galleries down there have art openings, I'm down there with Elizabeth just enjoying the evening and nice weather. So we stop in the 409 Gallery where Chris Reed is the gallery manager. If you recall, last month I had 6 paintings showing there. So I'm checking out the new art, haven't even seen the whole layout yet, and I'm even in the middle of a conversation with one of the artists when Chris interrupts: 

"Fudge, here is some money. Do you know where the Corkscrew wine market is? Would you drive over there right away and buy some more wine? Here are the keys to my car. It's out front. Like at 6 magnum bottles. It doesnt matter. Just be quick. And here is my wallet too and credit card in case you need it." 

If you don't know Chris, he's a very intense guy. So you need to imagine that all being said in a take charge, rushed and urgent tone - like we need bandages for this man STAT. I'm standing there a little shocked and thinking odd request but  a.) this is Chris and b.) we're good friends and i probably owe him a favor anyway since he included me in the last show. 

The artist that's next to me has look of OMG Chris are you insane. Chris turns to her and says something like "It's okay. I know Richard well and trust him." But it did look like Chris just asked some random gallery patron to make a beer run. Elizabeth has a WTF look on her face. And Chris turns to her and gives a shurg, "One of the dangers of hanging out with an artist." I'm still standing there thinking - are you serious, Chris? 

Then Chris literally hands me a wad of cash that is about the size of a softball or grapefruit. It's all crumpled ones from the tip jar. And he's shooing us out the door. Elizabeth and I get in his car and head over to the wine market. She's smoothing out and counting all the money and I'm praying to God that nothing happens to the car. Driving other people's cars always makes me a bit nervous. You dont know how they handle and got forbid you get into an accident or something. I select the cheapest magnum bottles and go check out. It feels sorta awkward buying 6 bottles of cheap wine with a ton of one dollar bills. So i tell the guy at the checkout counter that the gallery ran out of wine. 

So back to the gallery but someone has taken my parking place. I pull up in front of the gallery and one of the artists in the show is waiting to take the wine from me. It's a drive by wine drop. After returning Chris his keys, wallet, and the change, I head out before they put me to work again. Who knew that an art opening could be so adventurous. 

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robyn blaikie collins said...

aw man. i thought that story was going to be about selling 6 of your paintings...