Now showing at The Stirring Art Gallery

The Church by Jennifer White 

Artist Statement:
Jennifer White’s work reflects a deep interest in the church, particularly in the way church families work. Drawn to studying the seven churches in Revelation as a base for her work, Jennifer explores obstacles the church faces, and the different conditions, positive and negative, church families can find themselves in. For more information about the series, please visit www.squidoo.com/churchandart.

"Neither Hot, Nor Cold" - Church in Laodicea by Jennifer White

Artist Bio:
Jennifer White is a professional artist living in Olive Branch, Mississippi. She graduated from Union University in Jackson, TN with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art. Her goal as an artist is to create art that touches another others and changes them for the better. White finds blueprints to be visually inspiring and often uses lines and grids in her paintings. More than a simple element in her painting, White uses the lines as a symbolic reference to God’s plan and role as “Divine Architect”.

Expressions of The Stirring 

"The Stirring" by Richard Fudge
Art is an integral part of the Stirring. It’s presence in the service draws people in to one of the many ways others can use their talents to worship God. For The Stirring’s 10th anniversary, 10 artists were asked to each complete a painting expressing The Stirring in their own unique style. What do you think of when you think of The Stirring? How would you visually express the experience or character of The Stirring? 

Participating Artists:
Annalisabeth Craig; Alberto Cabrera; Chris Reed; Gail Wilkins; Glory Hamilton;
Jill Harvey & Hope Special Needs Students; Jeff Rower; Jessie Miles;
Kathy MacDonald; and Richard Fudge.

Both Opening Sunday Oct 9th for The Stirring's 10th Anniversary 

We're celebrating 10 years of The Stirring this Sunday! It will be a night of art, Stirring worship and special music highlighting the years of memories that have brought us through this decade. Eli Morris will touch our souls with a message remembering the foundation on which The Stirring was built while looking with great anticipation to what our future holds.

We'll host an Afterburner in the Foyer following the service complete with snacks and live entertainment. This is a great time to browse the Gallery upstairs featuring local artist, Jennifer White, along with other beautiful new art. Bring a friend and let God use His music, message, art, community and atmosphere to create a stirring inside of them.

We will open the doors around 5:20 PM and as always coffee, tea and StirringKids* is available during the service. If you are unable to attend that evening, be sure to follow the live Twitter feed (@TheStirringHope) and "Like" our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thestirring). Please consider joining us as we celebrate you, the community that is The Stirring.

*Please pick up your StirringKid prior to celebrating with us at the Afterburner.