Nearing completion

Untitled and unfinished fish 
 acrylic on canvas – size? 24"x18"

So this started out as a heart with flames bursting out of it, but i was never fond of the heart or the background of that painting. Also, i kept seeing this fish shape in the flame. So I took gesso to most of the painting till it was just blank canvas and the fish. Now it's a fish in this fiery current. I might play with it some more or i just leave it as is. Tough call. 

Oh and Cross #6 is 95% done. 


Starting new painting - Cross #6

I've got this painting down to a cake recipe. I know step by step how to make this cross and could almost paint it blindfolded. Why keep painting it? People love it, and the sales keep me well stocked in canvas and paint. I'm going to try some little modifications and experiments with it so that I'm not bored. Going on vacation was great, but I need to get back into a painting groove. This should be a nice way to ease into it. 

PS: I was in the Bartlett/Cordova Commercial Appeal last Saturday credited with writing a short article with photo about the current show at the Stirring Art Gallery. A full color photo of "Passage Cross" with a caption about my show at Java Cabana was also in the Memphis Flyer this past week. Pretty cool stuff. I'm very thankful.     

PSS: I had to check just out of curiosity. I can't believe it. The Memphis Flyer's current issue has a BIG four color photo and caption about the Chris Reed's art show at the Stirring Gallery. That's back to back coverage in the Flyer. Awesome.  


Currently on my easel

"Save Me" 2008* by Richard Fudge
acrylic on canvas 
Painted at Life Church at Schilling Farms & at the Stirring

*So this one is not technically finished. I still need to put a coat of gloss on it and I think i will try out the oil varnish that i purchased. I want it to really enrich the dark background and contrast with the figure (self portrait you ask? what? noooo. okay maybe a little). 


Recently Finished Painting

"Josie's Prayer" -- acrylic/mixed media -- painted at The Stirring in 2008
30" x 24"
-- Sold. Thank you, Josie.


Art at Java Cabana

Java art show tonight

"A Joyful Splat: A Stirring Art Collection"
 It's my first solo art show. 

The scripture encourages us to make a "joyful noise." I believe that artist expression is another way to worship — paint a "joyful stroke" or make a "joyful splat." I'm showing a collection of about 15 works many of which were created live on stage at the Stirring. The Stirring is an alternative, contemporary worship  service that seeks to make art and artist welcome and a part of the experience.