Fudge around town

A friend pointed out to me that I've got art hanging all around town but I haven't even made mention of it to hardly anyone. It's not a big deal to me since none of the work is new. But I guess that it is noteworthy that I'm hanging at 3 different locations right now.

Samuel's Furniture and Interiors  
The location in East Memphis at 5508 Poplar Avenue has 4 pieces of my work on display.

Starbucks @ Germantown Pkwy. & Trinity Rd
My favorite Starbucks in town has 4 pieces of my work on display. Why is it my favorite? It's not because they display my work, but because I have a bunch of friends who work there so I usually get a hug with my coffee.

and of course, The Stirring Art Gallery at Hope Church
I've got quite a few back in the gallery along with many other Stirring artists' works. It's going to be a nice collection and you should come check it out and our Maundy Thursday service. Speaking of which, 8 other artists and myself created paintings for this service. But that's all I can tell you about that. 

True Colors - Maundy Thursday service at The Stirring
Thursday, April 1 - 6pm and 8pm
How do you appear to people?
Do you appear put together on the outside, but it’s secretly all you can do to get out of bed in the morning? Why do we try to paint ourselves as something different than what we truly are?

Join us at The Stirring for our special Maundy Thursday service and discover the power to reveal the true you. Worship led by the The Stirring Band and a message by Eli Morris.Communion will be served in The Stirring’s unique style.

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