2010 Art Goals #1 Art and worship road trip

So tis the season to think and plan for the new year. Ever since I started mailing around the prayer journals and created a map of Artsy Churches, a massive road trip has been brewing in the back of my mind. I feel that a REAL road trip must last about a week, include a decent number of states traveled through, and a visit to the coastline.

Look at that monster. That's over 2,100 miles, over 35 hours on the road, and crossing through a dozen states. Now, before I can really do this, I need to replace my old 93 Civic Hatchback. Poor thing has over 170,000 miles and recently i smashed the front a little in a minor accident. My clunker would probably die before the trip was half way through.

So that's the first BIG hurdle.* I'm hoping to find a good used wagon like a Subaru Outback or Scion xB. I don't plan on traveling light - well, at least not by the end of it. Think about it. I might need to haul my live painting supplies if there's a chance i might paint at some churches along the way. or I might pick up some art along the way. or maybe i have a traveling art show to share at the churches i visit.

I need to save up enough vacation days at my day job. Also, need to save up the gas money etc needed. I'll need a camera for the documentation. Some good podcasts and audio books to listen to along the way are a must. I think a classic road trip requires some nights of car camping. I might need to buy a small tent and a sleeping bag. i'll be passing through the Smokey Mountains, and i know i'll wish i had spent a night camping there. A few nights of camping will of course save on the hotel costs. Also, i hope that a few artists will be open to allowing me to crash at their place while i travel through their area (please!).

*a friend pointed out that i should considering renting a car for the trip. hmm. that might not be a bad idea. i could rent a model that im interested in buying. it'd be like an extended test drive. hmm.


Arian said...

We've got a couch with your name on it!

robyn blaikie collins said...

love it. if i'm in bham by then... you will have to stay with us!

MJMGreen said...

Michael Flake is in Charlotte, with a cool church like Hope.

Susan Isaacs said...

If you decide to you know, swing by Pasadena CA you have a guest room with your name on it. and two of your paintings to admire.