Fudge art update for 2009

As I approach the new year, I have been looking back over the past year for all the things I'm thankful for. Thank you so much for supporting me and my art. I can't tell you just how important it has been to me. This year has been a big one for me with many exciting firsts. So thought I'd post some summary sort of thing.

In the News:
Feb, Commercial Appeal, Hope Presbyterian service blends artistry, worship
We made the paper in part because of my writings about art and worship on my blog.
Sept., Germantown News, To Send a Prayer art show

Presentations on art and worship:
March, solo presentation, Tresvent Manor
May, solo presentation, Baptist Women's Hospital
Oct., Re:Creation - art conference, LifeLink Memphis

Live painting: 23 Total
January, Next Gen service, Highpoint Church -- 1 service
April-May, Resurrection Catholic Church -- 12 services
April, The Stirring -- 1 service
July, The Stirring -- 1 service
August, Baptist Women's Health Center -- 1 event
Sept., The Stirring -- 4 servies
Oct., The Stirring -- 3 services

Group Show Participation:
April, Impressions of the Cross, The Stirring Art Gallery
July, The Spirit of Growth Art Show, CrossRoad Church
August, Art of Caring, Baptist Foundation/Perry Nicole Fine Art galley
August, Help the Least of These fundraiser, Circa
August, Project Sketchbook, Rozelle Artists Guild
Sept, To Send a Prayer, The Stirring Art Gallery

Shows I managed at The Stirring Art Gallery:
April, Impressions of the Cross, artists: Kyle Holly and various Hope and Stirring artists
July, Bloom, artist: Jana Joplin
Sept., To Send a Prayer, artists: Arian Armstrong, Richard Fudge, and various Hope and Stirring artists
Nov., Atonement, artists: Brittney Owens and Deeann Carson

Art Projects:
To Send a Prayer - a sermon series and art exhibit that I'd been working on basically since January.

Visual Prayer Journals - 3 journals that are being mailed to artists around the country and filled with illustrated expressions of prayer. you can see the different drawings here: http://2sendaprayer.blogspot.com/

Art of Caring, Baptist Foundation, donated "Release" which sold for $1400
Help the Least of These, donated "Diverge" and "Cross #6" which sold for $500
Painted a large collection box for Resurrection Catholic Church to use in food drives, clothing drives, etc.

I gave the Phoenix Club permission to use a photo of a painting that I created at Resurrection. About 60% of every purchase goes directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis and is therefore tax-deductable. If you want to order some, use this link below.

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