Artsy Christmas Gift ideas

I thought I'd share a list of some alternative gift giving ideas. Artsy and handmade gifts that a person will treasure long after the those socks get holes, the sweater shrinks, and the gadget breaks. So here are some of my favorite artists:

Deeann Carson Rieves does custom abstracts which she can add your photos and quotes to. She also sells blank journals that she designed.

Arian Armstrong is a talented painter and illustrator. You should check out her affordable and adorable prints on etsy.
Pen Pals print

Melissa Bridgman creates some wonderful pottery pieces. They are both practical and beautiful. I've got a pretty sizable collection at home. Best thing is that they are dishwasher machine safe.

Of course you could always buy one of my paintings.

TOMs Shoes are also a cool idea. For each pair you buy, they donate a pair to a child in Africa. I've got a pair and I get tons of complements on them. They are super comfortable.
Here's another neat product that gives back. Each Suubi™ necklace is 100% unique - hand-crafted by the Suubi women in Uganda and made of recycled paper.

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