Atonement: honoring the willing heart of a young woman who delivered mercy

Currently on display through January 3rd
The gallery is open 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Sundays. The Stirring Art Gallery also can be viewed during Hope Church’s regular office hours. To purchase work, please contact Richard Fudge.

The Stirring Art Gallery in Hope Church
(located upstairs inside Entrance 1)
8500 Walnut Grove Rd., Cordova, Tennessee 38018
www.hopepres.comwww.thestirring.net • 901-755-7721

Exhibit description:
The Stirring art gallery is proud to present Atonement, an exhibit in which draws inspiration from the life of Mary. The theme was chosen based the time on the two artists strengths and passions.

“I was really excited about how this exhibit came together,” says Richard Fudge, the Stirring Art Gallery manager. “I’ve been trying to get Brittney’s work in the gallery for some time, and I really wanted a chance to show Deeann’s work again.”

“It was interesting to focus primarily on little Mary, the mother of Jesus, as she is the most well known woman of the Bible. She embodies beauty in her surrender, courage, desperation, and vulnerability.” – Deeann Carson Rieves

Rieves focuses on women from the Bible in her paintings and how she can relate to part of their journey. The she selects which part of the figure can best express the desired characteristic they exemplify- a hand desperately reaching for something lost, and deceitful turn of the wrist, a seductive glance, or a reluctant tilt of the neck. The collaged ambiguous environments give the viewer hints to the story.

“Mary holds to be a selfless, giving individual whose life was dedicated to God. Her example as a mother is a powerful expression of love.” – Brittney Owens

Owens draws inspiration from the Baroque era's use of strong contrast of light and dark, usually portraying pieces with powerful symbolic images to express ideas of good and evil, life and death. Collage is used in her works to add a subtle presence from Christ. Each piece has hidden images that require closer examination in order to find.

Brittney Owens:
Brittney Owens is a published author and professional painter from Little Rock, AR. Her work has been featured in Ruminate Magazine and A Pond in the Woods, a children's book. Brittney's work has been selected Juror's Choice three years in a row during the Mustard Tree Arts Festival. She is currently working on another children's book. Brittney resides in Fort Smith, AR.

Deeann Carson Rieves:
Deeann Rieves is a professional artist from Nashville, TN that whose work has been featured in juried exhibits in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, and Missouri. After graduating from Memphis College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an emphasis on Painting in December 2007, she has had two solo shows Beneath The Surface at The Stirring Gallery in Memphis, TN, and Embody at the Guachoya Cultural Arts Center in Lake Village, AR. Deeann had a piece in the Be A Doll exhibit at Estel Gallery in Nashville this Summer, and more recently two works in the Renaissance Regional Art Exhibit at The Renaissance Center in Dickson, TN and Fiber Focus in St. Louis, Missouri.

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