New Series: Fight to Stay Awake

You fight to stay awake, your dreams will likely drive you mad. But only cause you're living like one shot was all you had. - 12"x12" mixed media

And that makes a nice little set of three. I've given titles to all of the pieces but I've yet to think of a title for the series. I've started a large 3ft by 4ft canvas in this style. It's definitely more challenging than these small ones. I've used up all of the sowing pattern tissue i had. So if you have some sowing patterns that are just collecting dust... hint, hint... you could donate them to an art project. At any rate, I foresee a humorous trip to the craft store in my near future. I expect at some point to receive a "What the heck are you doing buying those sowing patterns?" look.

Recommended listening: "You'll Get Through It" by Ellery;  "Head Full Of Doubt, Road Full Of Promise" by the Avett Brothers

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