Susan E. Isaacs likes my art. :)

So last evening, I attended Donald Miller and Susan Isaacs book tour stop at Hope church here in Memphis. amillionmiles.com It was a great evening. Susan Isaacs is the author of Angry Conversations with God. She's sorta like a cross between Anne Lamott and Amy Sedaris, another author and a comedienne that I really like. So please take that as a compliment, Susan.

Product Image Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir by Susan E. Isaacs (Author)

So after her performance that is based on her book, there was an intermission and she was signing books in the lobby. I waited in line and got my copy signed. I was too embarrassed to really introduce myself. Sure we had exchanged like 2 emails, but who's going to remember that. "Hey Susan, Do you remember me. I'm Richard Fudge." Yeah, right. She's a nationally published author on a 65 city book tour.

A little while later, I work up the nerve to tell her that we have an art gallery here at Hope and that there are a couple of pieces that I did that were directly inspired by her book. I'm thinking she's busy, will think its sweet, but won't really care. But no, she got all excited. She asked me for my name again and I said Richard Fudge. Then Susan said, "Oh Richard FUDGE! Oh why didn't you say so the first time. I'd love to see your paintings and can I get a picture of you in front of it."

I was floored. Susan Isaacs literally just squealed my name. I mean come on! I'm just an average artist. I've been in few galleries. I'm not a big deal. So she was all excited and ready to go see the paintings, but Donald Miller was about to begin his talk. So we planned to meet afterward to visit the gallery.

After Donald Miller spoke, I went out to find Susan. She had already visited the gallery (how she found it I dont know). She was all excited about the work and was just full of encouragement and support. As we walked to the gallery, I explained the where the inspiration had come from etc.

We got to the gallery and took turns taking photos in front of my paintings. She asked if it was okay to post on her twitter and facebook accounts. Heck, yeah. I also showed her one other painting of mine a small piece titled "WHY!?". It was also inspired by her book. She loved it and offered to buy it.

Later that evening, Susan send me this email:

Hi Richard

I was so glad to see you tonight. It was a real privilege to see your work, and I’m honored that the book inspired you. I’m so thrilled to get your painting, too! I let my husband know to look for it in the near future. I posted your pics on my facebook, and tweeted about it.

One woman really liked the “Hey God!” painting, and I let her know it was for sale.

Anyway, I really enjoyed meeting you. And I really do hope you submit to International Arts Movement. I know a few people there. Well besides Mako .. Christy Tennant and Mark Meehan. They’re great. You need to get your work out there.

Thanks again, tonight was a terrific evening.



How stinking cool is that! I'll be smiling for days because we met.


Susan Isaacs said...

Anne Lamott and Amy Sedaris. That is a great compliment. I hope you give yourself credit for your work. I've gotten lots of compliments and interest on the pics I posted on facebook. A

And you're not just another artist. Your series has a distinct style; it's simple and inviting and relatable. I loved your inspiration from that Greek play. It's a great way to illustrate prayer that's not so much sturm und drang that it gets bogged down. I really love it. And if no one else buys "hey God," I'm on it when I get home. Good work, Richard. I'm so glad we got to meet in person!

Christy Tennant said...

Well done Richard! Hope to see you at the next Encounter in NYC (Encounter 10, March 4-6)!

robyn blaikie collins said...

ah. i love susan... and she's right. your work is rockin'