re:Creation schedule

Friday Night


Friday night: Pre-event Showcase with Emmanuel School from Nottingham England.


The Rehabilitation of Myths 7-7:45

Ben Cumming

Film and Faith 8-9:30

Dan Baker

Saturday Morning

Re:Engage- Art & Mission

Saturday morning: 8:30-9:45(coffee & pastries)

Piercing the Darkness (Evangelism & The Arts) 10-10:45

David pierce

Creating space 11-11:45

Jack Fox

Break for Lunch- 12-1:30

Music & Mission 1:45-2pm

Roger Lowther

Transcendence in music 2:15-3pm

John Hodges

Break out sessions: 3-3:45pm

Movement (3rd floor in Momentum Dance Studio)

Robin Sanders & Keartra Knox

Poetry (2nd floor in gallery 210’)

Jim Allman

Painting (3rd floor in SCAC studio)

Richard Fudge

Blogging (1st floor in the Abbey)

Brent Diggs aka Dr. Toboggans


Art’s and Evangelism part 2 4-4:45pm

David Pierce

Radical, Revolutionary & Sane 5-5:45pm

Jodi Pierce

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