re:Creation - discussions on art, faith, and response

Lifelink Church presents

re:Creation - discussions on art, faith and response

a FREE two day event

Friday, Oct. 16 • 6:15p to 9:30p
Saturday, Oct. 17 • 8:30a to 5:45p

I'm even leading a breakout session on Sat. at 3pm about art, painting, and worship. I've attached the flyer about it that lists all the things going on. You should really come to this if you're interested in art, faith, and culture. I'm very excited about it. Please forward on to anyone you think would be interested. I'll post more information soon.

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Lori said...

WOW = It looks and sounds awesome.
I wish that I lived in the area. I would be there. For all that do have the opportunity to attend I pray for the unity of his presence and new vision of who Jesus is. Out of the box.