Refill me

Rise and Fall by Daniel Eatock

I was at a design conference last weekend. One of the presenters (who by the way seemed to have nothing relevant to say about design) was talking about some of his art projects.

One project was a pair of balloons (due to my recent paintings i perked up) One balloon was full of helium it was touching the ceiling. at the other end of the string was another balloon filled with breath. it was touching the floor. it was so cool looking in a way. course i saw it differently than the artist meant it. Think about it. The balloons are the same. Only the inside is different. One is pure, it can fly into the heavens. The other is made of spent and mixed air. Impure. It can float a bit, but ultimately will come to rest on the ground.

There is no way i can breathe helium into balloon. My works would not be enough.

We need to be refilled with better air.

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