Charlie Forrester - Guest Artist at The Stirring

Our current guest artist at The Stirring, Charlie Forrester, will have his first art gallery exhibition. He has been asked by Downtown Pres to display some of his work in their gallery this Friday night at Trolley Night, from 6-9 pm, 502 S. Main. His work will continue to be on display at Downtown Pres through August. I'd really encourage you to go down and check out his work and enjoy the rest of Trolley Night.
Also, Charlie is a full-time artist who is also available for painting murals and/or doing illustrations. I've put a couple of examples below. You can contact him @ cforartist@yahoo.com



Lending my art to a T-shirt design

I was commissioned to create some art for ShareHope, a program of NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation, formed out of the desire to help families whose lives have been touched by the tragic death of a baby through pregnancy loss, stillbirth or in the first few months of life. They have an annual Walk of Remembrance & Hope and wanted to use my art for their t-shirt.

Below is the sketch which will be converted into a full color tee-shirt design. I'm suppose to be getting one once they're printed. I'm also working on creating a 16"x20" painting to donate to the Art of Caring this year based on this drawing. 


Becoming a roadside attraction (for an evening)

"How close to the interstate is your house?" is not a question one expects to receive via text. Especially a friend who lives in Nashville. Yet this was how my home became an impromptu roadside attraction last evening for the Collin's family. I shouldn't be so surprised. It's not that unusual for me to host private art viewings at my home for potential art buyers. But usually it's scheduled a few days in advance to give me time to clean up. On this occasion, I barely had enough time to get home from work and make the bed before these guests arrived.

But out-of-town visitors are rare. This is only the second time I've had the honor. It was good to see Robyn again and give a little tour to her kids. Everyone even got to leave with a signed Chester greeting card. Hey, you can't be a real roadside attraction without some souvenirs.