Race to the Finish

So I have Cross #6, Upstream, and Burst of Passion #2 all in the nearly there, final stage. just some touch-ups, gloss varnish, and wire for hanging. I'm hoping to have them ready to show next week when i display at Starbucks. 

"Brighten Up" works by Richard Fudge
Starbucks @ Trinity Rd. and Germantown Pkwy. 
Monday June 16, 7pm to 9pm Summer is here with its humidity and heat, but it is also a time of bright sunshine and colors. So I am pulling together a collection of my more bright and colorful paintings. Please join me at the Starbucks located near the intersection of Trinity and Germantown and in front of the Super Target in Cordova.
There will be some great live music provided by some colorful Memphis ladies: Marissa Lyne followed by Kate Black.

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