Dirt - creative conference in Little Rock

Huh, fall must be conference season. I just saw this and thought it was worth sharing since it is so close to the Memphis area:

Dirt Promo from dirt conference on Vimeo.


Nov. 10-11 at New Life Church in Little Rock
registration looks like a good deal 99 to 120 depending on when you sign up
Memphis own Brian Pitre from The Life Church of Memphis is giving a presentation

I like their "about" statement:

Dirt is a non-typical creative church conference held at New Life Church in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We don't know about you, but just when we feel like we're on top of our game, we go to a conference that brings our confidence down to sub-zero temperatures. We leave feeling old school and defeated. We realize that's not their intention...but we see all this cool stuff that other churches are doing and we ask ourselves : How can we do that?

Especially on the budget we have right now! We know how you feel about conferences. We feel the same way. We realize that you don't want to attend another conference where you leave, yet again, with that "I suck" feeling.

We get it. Enough is enough. What if we told you you could look under the hoods of these churches that are breaking the mold:

Church of the Highlands
Seacoast Church
New Life Church
Healing Place Church
The Life Church of Memphis
C3 Church
Bayside Community Church
Celebration Church, TX
Newspring Church

And left saying, "I can do that!" What if we could show you how? What if we could pull back the curtain and show you what you can do? And then gave you attainable goals and the tools and personal connections to get it accomplished.

Dirt. Something from nothing.

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