Why you should buy some handmade pottery

Dear Handmade Pottery,
This is my love letter to you. Enjoy.

I think everyone should own some handmade local pottery. Functional stuff that you can use every day. I'm not going to preach about buzz topic things like buy local, sustainability, green, or even supporting small business, local farmers, artists, etc.

I love my little collection because it reminds me of my friends. I'm reminded of whoever made the mug. I have three mugs by Melissa Bridgman and every time I use them I think of her. I think. I wonder how Melissa is doing. What new pottery has she done? Has she solved that clay and glazing issue that's been driving her crazy? How are those chickens? Boy, she did the perfect job shaping this mug. I hope she's doing well and making perfect little mugs with perfect little imperfections. And in that moment, its like I say a little prayer for my friend and share my morning coffee with her.

My handmade pottery pieces seem warmer. Its like they have a warmth leftover from being made by hand. Like how a mug stays warm after the coffee is finished. They are all individual with their irregularities and it seems to give them a personality. I like to run my fingers over the glaze and texture. I sit and ponder them - their individual shapes, textures, colors, how they were made. My other mugs seem as cold, dull, and lifeless as the steel machines that made them.

There's something meditative about the mugs. I love using these mugs. They bring me joy. They give me comfort. They make me smile. I can't imagine my mornings without them.

Thank you. And I'll see you in the morning,

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