Nature Imitating Art

I have this wild climbing rose that I've threaded down the chain link fence. It's over 20 ft wide and requires weekly pruning to stay in check. So I'm out in my back yard yesterday just doing a little pruning when bird startles me by flying out of the bush just a foot or two from me. This sparks my curiosity. I look closer and part a few leaves to reveal a little nest with two eggs. You have got to be kidding me. How cool is this! I start snapping some photos on my phone and rush inside to bring Katie out to see this. 

You would think I'd never seen a bird's nest before. Or that I'm just excited to see a bird's nest in my favorite rose bush. But that's not the point. I DREW this exact thing THREE years ago because I was inspired by the kudzu like growth of this rose bush.  

So here's the side by side comparison for you. How crazy is that! Life imitating art. Art imitating life. Crazy coincidence or copyright infringement? I'll have to stop cutting the bush and disturbing the momma redbird. I can't wait to see some little baby birds!

My sketch "Overly Protective Heart" from 2010
The Cardinal nest I found in 2013

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Jason Peck said...

Very cool story, and great drawing!