An unexpected curly commission

I believe one of the best complements an artist can received is to be remembered. Even if she'd been following my blog or Facebook page, I had hardly posted any art last year. I basically took the year off. So when Jodi contacted me out of the blue to create a custom piece for her, I was rather surprised. It's been a 3-4 years since she contacted me for some art. Then I learned that she was expecting a little girl and wanted a Chester style piece for the nursery. Now that's an honor. As an artist, it's always fulfilling to know that your art is being displayed and treasured in someone's home, but it feels extra special that this piece will be in a nursery. I hope its cherished like a favorite children's book.

I haven't been asked to draw a girl with curls before and I think it turned out very sweet. What a great way to start off the new year.

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