Cross #6, aka Erin's Cross

16" x 20" acrylic on canvas and painted in the artist’s studio.

First, about the numbering, I have painted this cross a few times. This is the sixth time that I have painted it. It is not one of a series of crosses but a near duplicate of a popular piece that I continue to paint. Secondly, I tend to think of this painting as having another title, “Erin’s Cross.” When we were first married, I purchased Erin a silver cross. I wanted to pick one that was very unique and very Erin. One Sunday at The Stirring, I was the guest artist. I came unprepared to paint that night. Then I remembered that Erin was wearing her cross necklace. I borrowed it for the evening and did my painting based on the lines of the pendent. The other reason I think of it as “Erin’s Cross” is that the black lines make me think of her tattoos. But since I felt “Erin’s Cross” might be seen as irreverent, I just chose to simply name it “Cross.” At the time, it was the only cross painting that I had done.

Over time small improvements and changes have been made as I have created these crosses. Of note, “Cross No. 6” is painted on a thick gallery wrap canvas. Other improvements are harder to point out such as the use of better quality paints, gel medium, and a gloss varnish.

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