Sending a Prayer series - Release concepts

Just some more thumbnail sketches for this series that is going to focus on prayer. I need some good name for it. So going along with the idea of how do you send a prayer to God. I had these impossible to reach the mailboxes. So how do you get a letter in one of these 20 foot mailboxes? What about balloons?

Remember as a kid trying to fly. If only you had enough balloons, just maybe. But how many would it take? How many would it take to send a letter to heaven. Of course, this image also makes me think of Camp Good Grief. Baptist Trinity Hospice created Camp Good Grief, the Mid-South's first children's bereavement camp. I volunteered at the camp once. At the end of the camp, they hold a special bereavement service. During the service, one by one each child who has lost a close friend or family member releases a letter to the person attached to a balloon. There's a lot of tears from kids and adults alike. The kids are from 7 to 12 years old and it is the most moving thing to be a part of the service and camp. You can see a touching video about the camp that explains the camp mission and the service. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeHhz-d-PVU

"Prayer Bag" - stage prop concept (shown above)
find a duffel bag in white or spray paint white. use chicken wire on interior to give shape. add 50 - 100 real white balloons. encourage participants to drop letters of prayer inside.

small doodle in bottom corner is a figure riding in a prayer bag.

"Release" - stage concept and live painting rough Live painting concept. paint letter guy sitting on green. He's releasing a letter and watching it float away. Have a detachable letter. String or ribbons would attach to die cut paper balloon shapes. viewers would be given blank "balloons" to write their prayer on. prayer balloons are added to a blue sheet that is lying on floor. the notes form huge bundle or cloud of balloons. after all balloons are added, sheet is lifted up during a special worship song. Or the paper balloons could be given to the audience during the service with instructions to write a prayer on them and take them to the gallery following the service. then on the wall next to the stairs we could hang the painting and have all the balloons going up the wall into the main gallery.

"Release" - live painting concept detail. maybe a 36" x 36" canvas Live painting concept. paint letter guy sitting on green. He's releasing a letter and watching it float away.

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