Sending a Prayer series - continued

More sketches for my prayer series. I've moved from the sketchbook to the drawing paper. I've started drawing some 8" x 24" pieces. I hope that these will help me figure out the layout before I step up to canvas. It's a challenge to figure out what media to use. This style is very different for me. These are all in various stages of completion.

"Waiting" -- 8"x24" -- artist watercolor paper -- I'm liking this without the chair. Mailbox is a bit big though.

"Release" -- 8"x24" -- -- artist watercolor paper --Not sure about the tippy toes. Bugs me some.

"Waiting" -- 4"x12" -- -- artist watercolor paper -- I'm not totally sold on that name but that's what I have so far.

"Reaching" -- 4"x12" -- -- artist watercolor paper -- Not sure about that title either.

4"x12" -- artist watercolor paper -- I haven't thought of a title for this one, but I like this kite flyer. He was a surprising successful doodle.

"Sending All My Love" -- 8"x24" -- colored paper

"Bulk Mail" -- 8"x24" -- colored paper -- Loving this one.


Arian said...

Yeah, i love the "bulk mail" one too : )

Darren said...

looking good man