More art ministries in Memphis churches

Momentum @ Lifelink Church, 1015 S Cooper St, Memphis, TN

We are a group of artists including painters, photographers, sculptors and dancers in the Lifelink church community. Our goal is to encourage and inspire each other in our artistic endeavors, personally, spiritually and professionally. We do this by creating avenues to showcase our work, forums to discuss and opportunities to view other artists on display. Saturday workdays are offered periodically for those who want to meet at the church to work on their art with other artists.

Sounds really interesting. They are definitely located in a very arts rich area of town. I'd think that they have a very high number of artists in attendance. I wonder what sort of things they are planning for this group. There are very few details listed on their web site. I might have to check them out one Sunday morning. It would be cool to hear what another art ministry is doing.

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