Blessed - a funny observation

So I just wanted to share a personal story about our plans vs God's plans. Last year, I worked really hard to get art shows in coffee shops and the like around town. I had my art at Java Cabanna, Starbucks, Energy Fitness, and Republic Coffee. Between the 4 shows, my art was on display for a total of about 6 months around town (each show was up for about 2 months). You'd think that would have been beneficial to me - more art sales, more connections, meet other artists, etc. Nope. I sold one painting during all those shows. That's not a good return on my investment of time and energy. Especially when you consider that I sold 3 paintings at The Stirring during that time.

It was very disappointing. Not that I was hoping to sell a lot of work, but I thought I might sell like 3. Also, my wish to network and promote the Stirring didn't turn out very well either. I was hoping that the my art openings and my artist statement would spark interest in The Stirring. I cant say it did.

After the 2008 November art show featuring Deeann, I realized that it was much more rewarding to focus on the Stirring and its art gallery. We drew in a lot of people who had never been to The Stirring before.

So this year, I've mainly focused on writing this blog about art and worship, having artists gatherings, hanging group shows in the gallery, and painting live at churches. How's that been going you ask? Awesome! The Stirring got a nice write up in the Commercial Appeal. I'm connecting with more artists and churches. And the real kicker... I've sold 6 paintings SO FAR, and I dont feel like I'm even really trying hard. What i need to be working harder on is finishing more paintings. I'm just painting and hanging at church - no special openings, coffee shops, etc. It's amazing. Instead of me trying to sell my paintings, my paintings are selling themselves. I'm so thankful, so encouraged, and so excited. You know God really does take care of things when you let him.

Needless to say, dont expect me to have any art openings at coffee shops, etc any time soon.

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