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Inspired by one of those "hey, we should do this" remarks by a friend, I went out and bought a journal. http://www.lookatbook.com/ I agreed that it looked like a lot of fun and would be inspiring to collaborate with other artists. Especially those artists that we might have met and spoken to online but never in person. It just sounded fun.

We settled on the following a few rules for structure.

  1. 5 days to complete a spread. So if you receive it on Weds., you have to mail it the following Mon.
  2. A visual expression of a prayer or scripture.
  3. Medium: pen, ink, graphite, colored pencil.
  4. Keep it moving. Finished or not you need to mail in 5 days.
Keep up with the project here: http://2sendaprayer.blogspot.com/
Would you like to be added to the mailing list and add your doodle? Send your mailing address to me at richard.fudge@gmail.com .

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