Visual Expressions of Prayer - Journal Project

I'm excited to report that one of the prayer journals is about to go cross country! Journal # 2 is about to go coast to coast from Peletier, NC to Memphis, TN to Portland, OR. That's a 3,240 mile trip by car.

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There is still plenty of time and many pages to fill. I could also use some west coast participation. some more info about the project. Currently, the plan is when the journals (there are 3 in circulation) are "full" or as they become full, I would retain ownership. More like stewardship. I am planning to exhibit the journals at my church at the end of Sept as a part of a sermon series and art exhibit about prayer. Then they will go back into circulation. I will likely display them from time to time in our gallery.

When a journal is full, I plan to make a DVD slide show of all the pages and send a copy to each artist who participates. Also, I'd consider requests to lend out the full journals to other artists or church leaders to share with their community. That will probably will depend on the condition of the journals in the end. I dont want them to get so torn up that they threaten to fall apart in your hands. Who knows what God may have in mind for it. I haven't seriously thought if through because first of all it will take a long time to fill one and secondly it was just something i started with a few friends for the fun, inspiration, and community of it.

Maybe these journals full of faith and creativity will inspire other artists in their spiritual journey. See the progress and journey here:
http://2sendaprayer.blogspot.com/ To participate, you will need to email me at richard.fudge@gmail.com with your name, your phone number and mailing address.

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