Notes from the Road: First stop Atlanta, GA

If there is one theme that developed over the course of the road trip, it was rushed. At times it was exciting. But as the trip went on, the lets-do-as-much-as-we-can-in-one-day got tiresome. You can't sprint for an entire marathon. Atlanta, GA was one of the quick stops on the trip. I spent just one night there.
My first stop was Ikea. And as I mentioned, it felt as though i was running through the place in an attempt to see everything and stay on schedule. I really didnt need anything from the store but I bought a package of small glasses that looked perfect for whiskey.

My other planned stop was the High Museum of Art. It was beautiful inside and out. "We're walking. We're walking. We're walking.... and stop." This was the monolog in my head at the museum. There was so much to see and I had about 2 hours to do it. I saw a roaster exhibit on display which seemed fitting as I was on a road trip. Which reminds me, I was pleasantly surprised by the much higher MPG that my Volvo wagon got on the highway. I drove from Memphis to Atlanta with a quarter of a tank to spare. In fact, I made the nearly 500 miles and 8 hour drive from Cincinnati, OH to Memphis, TN on one tank of gas. The wagon got about 33 mpg.

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