Book Update #3: Getting Chester Dressed

I've been keeping to my work schedule on these. I've nearly completed coloring all of the Chester figures. There are a couple who lack pants and shoes (really wishing i could make some "no shirt, no shoes, no service" joke out of this but i can't think of one). Soon it will be time to color in his props and then ink everything. Progress is beginning to slow down as the work becomes more and more detail oriented.

Although i dont really have the space for one, all this work has really made me wish for a drafting table like the one i use to have. Normally I just solve this issue by commandeering dinning room table. Ironically, i sold that recently to a friend because, "well, it's not like I'm using it anymore. I dont host big dinners like you guys." Oops guess i did have some uses for that table. So now I'm down to small tables like the one above and i'm working from my coffee table. Oh well, it's no biggie. I'm making due and making good progress anyhow.