Chester, It's Time to Book It

Would you be interested in a children's book illustrated by me featuring Chester? If you are, then you're in luck. I'm (finally) getting productive on this project. I've been putting this off for months and months... it's embarrassing. So March will be all about getting some work done. No more excuses. I've got 16 pages to illustrate (which is mind-blowing to me) and I'm giving myself a month to complete it. Not a lot of time, but I had loads of time before now and got practically nowhere. So here's day one's progress: 12 washes, 5 penciled in pages.

It's a start. I plan to make regular time on Monday and Wednesday evenings (I have a day job).  Also, I'm going to give it a couple hours every Saturday or Sunday. Three times a week should be good. After this first week I should know if that's enough time or if i need to schedule more. Be looking here for updates on my progress.