Book Update: Still at work

I'm either nearing the halfway point or I'm just past it. Although there have been a lack of updates, I have been keeping to my schedule. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a deadline, show up, and hope your creativity shows up too.  So I've got 3 main pages to complete. Seven pages are finished. But then I have the smaller inset illustrations. Below are a look at some of the finished pages. In other news, Chester may soon go on tour with one of my favorite singer/songwriters. More on that later.


Book Update #3: Getting Chester Dressed

I've been keeping to my work schedule on these. I've nearly completed coloring all of the Chester figures. There are a couple who lack pants and shoes (really wishing i could make some "no shirt, no shoes, no service" joke out of this but i can't think of one). Soon it will be time to color in his props and then ink everything. Progress is beginning to slow down as the work becomes more and more detail oriented.

Although i dont really have the space for one, all this work has really made me wish for a drafting table like the one i use to have. Normally I just solve this issue by commandeering dinning room table. Ironically, i sold that recently to a friend because, "well, it's not like I'm using it anymore. I dont host big dinners like you guys." Oops guess i did have some uses for that table. So now I'm down to small tables like the one above and i'm working from my coffee table. Oh well, it's no biggie. I'm making due and making good progress anyhow.


Cool video by Donald Miller about his book

Are you living a great story with your life? from Donald Miller on Vimeo.

Are you living a great story with your life? That's just one of the tough and insightful questions that this book asks. I really enjoyed this book. You should definitely check it out. 


Book update #2: super productive

Work continues at a brisk pace. I've got a system for this. I'll share it with you since you're going to see it play out anyways. It goes something like this: 1) background wash, 2) pencil in Chester, 3) prep for color, 4) color and shading, 5) ink. I know it looks like an assembly line, but i find that you have to keep them on the same pace. You dont want to finish the last one and see that gradually your technique changed and the first one looks totally different from the last.

So I've got five pages prepped for color. Five more are penciled. Seven more pages to get started.

Also, last night I planted a rose bush, cooked dinner, and swept leaves off my roof. Yeah, that productive. I really dislike sweeping the leaves off the roof. I'm always concerned that I'll lose my balance and fall. Last evening was no different. There was constant concern that at any point i'd tumble off the roof with the leaves or step through the roof. But after it was all done, i was very tempted to climb back up with drink and sit on the peak of the roof. It was an unusual perspective on the familiar scene of my backyard. It felt peaceful. Accomplished. Maybe I'll do it some other time.


Chester, It's Time to Book It

Would you be interested in a children's book illustrated by me featuring Chester? If you are, then you're in luck. I'm (finally) getting productive on this project. I've been putting this off for months and months... it's embarrassing. So March will be all about getting some work done. No more excuses. I've got 16 pages to illustrate (which is mind-blowing to me) and I'm giving myself a month to complete it. Not a lot of time, but I had loads of time before now and got practically nowhere. So here's day one's progress: 12 washes, 5 penciled in pages.

It's a start. I plan to make regular time on Monday and Wednesday evenings (I have a day job).  Also, I'm going to give it a couple hours every Saturday or Sunday. Three times a week should be good. After this first week I should know if that's enough time or if i need to schedule more. Be looking here for updates on my progress.