Another Journal starts and an exhibit takes shape

You might remember (or you're still following) my collaborative prayer journal project. Well, I decided to start a 4th journal circulating. I'm also going to start opening up the journals to other artists beyond just visual ones. So if you're a poet, writer, songwriter, etc., you can also get involved. I'm starting to brainstorm a collaborative, interactive, multimedia exhibit that will include the journals and open in October 2010 at LifeLink Memphis.

Help a brother out, and create some art for the journals. You can sign up to receive the actual journals or you can send me your work to be pasted into the journal. If you are going to mail me something, please contact me @ richard.fudge@gmail.com for my address. Work needs to be original and new - meaning unpublished or not previously exhibited. Got it?

Size: 10.25" wide x 5" height and remember is has to be able to fold down the middle.

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