Awakening - Call to Artists

Easter is approaching and I'd like to have a themed exhibit up at The Stirring. We threw around some ideas at an artist gathering last week. Maggie had a really good concept:

So instead of focusing on the imagery of the cross this Easter, we're going to be exploring the concepts of renewal, rebirth, resurrection, light, celebration of new life, etc. I think I already have a concept for a painting. Please get started soon if you'd like to be in the show. We'll need to hang it before Easter. Probably, review, select, and hang work on March 27th. That's the rough idea at least.

Here's a another nice example of the theme by Anneli Anderson. It's from one of the prayer journals:

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robyn blaikie collins said...

"awakening" makes me think to ask artists to pray for matt hodge. and check out the auction that is being held for him. the theme of his life right now is "awakening"... he has been in a coma for months. his dad, tim hodge was an animator/artist for big idea and disney.
there is an ebay auction, original art from so many cartoonists and artists, proceeds go to the hodge family.

i have been praying for an "awakening" for months for matt hodge.