Briefly, I'll be departing

In 10 days, I'll be leaving for my road trip and I'll have you know that I'm prepared. I just ordered the most important items of the trip - 2 pairs of ExOfficio boxer briefs. Sounds trivial I know, but this is the best underwear around. I bought a pair a while back for a backpacking trip. They wick moisture, prevent chaffing, odor resistant, and are amazingly comfortable. I wish I could afford to own nothing but this brand of underwear.

Why do you care? Hey, I'm just trying to give you some road trip advice. These boxers are the best thing since sliced bread or better yet... Smartwool socks - which I'd also like a lifetime supple of. What are Smartwool socks?! OMG, why are you depriving yourself of so much comfort and such a simple pleasure? Also, I need to tell you a really funny story about my brother, his first time to try on a pair, and him sliding through the kitchen like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. 

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