Daily Doodle #31

Forgotten – This weekend, I had one of those rare conversations where time passes unnoticed, you open up more than usual, and the waitress just knows to leave you two alone. In the midst of the personal and philosophical questions, I was asked this seemingly simple question, "So where do you find your joy?"  Up to this point, it had been a lively and thoughtful discussion. But at this question, our table just went silent. This should be an easy question to answer, right?  For the life of me, I didn't know.  And that was a shocking realization... well, i guess i lost my source or sense of joy. I've been more focused on simply surviving this. Like a man running out of a burning house, my joy was something i forgot to grab and lost in the fire. Whatever my source of joy was before, it's lost now and can't be retrieved.  So it's with more awareness that I'm keeping an eye out for joy. It's time to shift out of survival mode.

Recommended listening: "Love, Where is Your Fire" by Brooke Fraser; "Long Gone Away" by Drew Holcomb

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Damon Brown said...

Wow! This really hit home for me, Richard. Ever since being laid off over a year ago, I have been experiencing the same thing. Yes, I found work, but it's not fulfilling. I remember a time when I had a fire in my belly and was at peace with my circumstances. That seems so long ago. I don't know where that all went. I know the old advice of being thankful for what you have and all that, and I am. It's just that I suspect that there's more in store for me. I just wish that I could know, I mean TRULY know what that is. I have been following your daily doodles and I have been touched by many of them. I feel your pain and I have been thinking of you and praying for you daily. Hang in there, friend. I know there is more in store for you, too.