Creative Christmas Gift Ideas #3: For Artists

What do you get for the artsy person on your Christmas list? Here are my recommendations:

Buy them the best canvas ever made!
When I started to do large paintings, the price of the canvas really held me back. Stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's didn't carry many sizes and even with a 40% off coupon it was just too expensive. The Art Center had plenty of sizes but catching them on sale was difficult. Even then I felt it was too much. I dont have the time or the tools to start making my own canvas. Then I found out about David Comstock. He makes the best canvases that I've ever used. I even now call him to order smaller sized canvas. I'm that hooked. He does custom wood panels too.

Great Custom Canvas
by local Memphis artist, David Comstock
2" deep gallery wrapped, thick, un-primed canvas
36" x 36" = $30
36" x 48" = $35
48" x 48" = $45
48" x 60" = $55
All sizes available. Call him at 901-605-7096.

Buy them a gift card to Memphis's best art store:
In Memphis, the best place to buy supplies is the Art Center on Union. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and the prices are very good. One day I went to the Art Center to buy some illustration supplies. I wanted to make the switch from pen and ink to brush and ink. I had been to an art opening where i'd been inspired by Derrick Dent's work. So who happened to be working behind the counter that day? Yeah, Derrick himself. When he asked me if he could help me find something, I jokingly replied "Yes, I'd like the Derrick Dent starter kit." He led me around the store and helped me pick out supplies. 

Buy them a gift certificate to the best online art store:
Another gift card suggestion? Really, Richard? Yes, artists are typically broke and you do not want to try to pick out art supplies for them. It's like trying to buy clothes for that one member of your family who always takes everything back to the store for an exchange. Cheap Joes is so amazing that on my great big roadtrip this summer I HAD to stop at one of their few stores, buy something there, and get my photo taken in front of it. Their online catalog is huge. So I was surprised to find that their actual store was no larger than the Art Center in Memphis. I was hoping for something big like a cavernous place of wonder and art supplies about the size of a Sam's Club or Ikea. It's probably best that it wasn't or i would not have had enough money left to continue my roadtrip. Anyway, buy the artist on your list a gift certificate. You'll be a hero. 


AldysC said...

Great post. Gift cards to art supply stores are ideal. I'll never forget when I received one for a secret santa at work. It's been the most memorable secret santa gift, ever!

I placed "Cheap Joes" on my favorites. Thanks.

I also like www.dickblick.com (for online purchases)- they've been pretty competitive and Jerry's Artarama (local store). They have this outrageous Black Friday event.... 7-9am 40% off, 9-11 30% off, and 11am to close 20% of their already low prices (the best around my house) on stretched canvas, easels, and brushes. Oh my, I sound like a commercial. I promise I'm not affiliated in any way. I just know the ache of limitation when it comes to wanting to buy art supplies, and just having to wait. Their website is www.jerrysartarama.com. They have stores all over but offer is valid in certain places. (Info came on the flyer) If you do go, make sure you get on their mailing list. Happy Shopping! God bless.

Richard Fudge said...

Thank for the recommendation, AldysC. I'll have to check out Jerry's. I've used dickblick.com before and they do have some great deals. But I keep going back to Cheapjoes for their 5 packs of gallery wrap canvas. It's the best bargain i've found for small canvas.


AldysC said...

Wow, I see what you mean. Those are great prices! Thanks again. Thanks for the specific link.